In less than 23 weeks, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure will descend on Chicago with all its Gatorade, pink costumes and blister self-help stations. Each walker will have raised at least $2,300 to fight breast cancer, and many participants will use those three days to honor and celebrate both survivors and those who succumbed to breast cancer.

Among them will be the Chicago Ms. America Tatas. More than 60 of us gathered in Washington, D.C., last year, and a few are carrying on the team name and spirit in the Windy City. We're looking for more walkers and crew members to round out the team. Here are a few reasons you should consider joining us:

10) Water Tower Place. Eight levels of shops, including American Girl Place, Ann Taylor, French Connection and White House Black Market. If you say this is what makes the Magnificent Mile magnificent, I won't argue...

9) There's no danger of being cold sleeping in a pink tent in Chicago in August. A sweatshirt is not going to be required. In fact, a sleeping bag might not even be required.

8) People who live along the route decorate their yards, post signs of encouragement and pass out goodies and water. Some leave their sprinklers on for walkers, or stand outside and waive. You'd be amazed at how many strangers think walking 60 miles in 3 days is an extraordinary feat ;)

7) The Tatas wear tiaras. And drink Tata-tinis. Both things are encouraged at the 3-Day. Neither are likely to be encouraged at work, which is where you'd likely be Aug. 8 if you don't join our team, right?

6) Everything's more fun with a team. Even visiting the port-a-potties. And the port-a-potties at the 3-Day are decorated with fun pictures and jokes.

5) People literally clap when you cross the street. And there's usually someone there to tell you when to cross, too. Real life has no such support system.

4) Men in pink tutus. For real.

3) Many people find the opening ceremony inspirational, but I'm sure some people are still drinking coffee for all they're worth and trying to stay awake, considering the hour. EVERYONE cries at closing ceremony. Trust me, there's no feeling in the world like crossing the finishline... and then realizing how many other people crossed it, too.

2) If you're not up for walking and fundraising, you can crew with us. And still sleep in a pink tent, wear a tiara, drink Tata-inis, and cheer on the amazing walkers.

1) There's a good chance you'll walk along the lakefront, past the Bean, and down Michigan Ave. People will definitely honk. You might even stop traffic.

And just like a 3-Day mile is longer than a mile, this top 10 list is longer than 10 entries. More reasons to join the Tatas in Chicago this year:

* There is no such thing as inappropriate boob jokes at the 3-Day. Or inappropriate graphics drawn on inappropriate places on T-shirts. People will compliment you, laugh with you and photograph you for things that would get you sued in real life. Think about it.

* Guys: The male-female ratio is SO in your favor. And if you're hesitating because many of the women will be sweaty and tired, refer to the reason above. Again, think about it.

* And, the final reason I could come up with: Your mom will love you more. You might have thought she thought you were the best person ever before, but this will totally make up for that lame Mother's Day gift last year. What better way to show the woman you love her than to fight a disease that will strike one in eight women?

Convinced? Now is the very best time to go ahead and register. You'll get $35 off the $90 registration fee (IE, you'll pay $55) with the promotion code RESOLVE. But you have to register by Tuesday. No time like the present.
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