Last year, one of my teammates stood outside an upscale grocery store collecting donations and found herself asking men if they enjoyed boobies. She got a lot of donations -- some men even said they thought about her comment while they were shopping and decided to donate on their way out.

(I think that's how it went, anyway).

Obviously, a certain amount of fundraising success is capturing people's attention. Everyone has a certain comfort level, and one must respect trademarked and copyrighted slogans. But you should think about how you're going to get people's attention long enough for them to write a check or type in their credit card number.

One way is to send update letters/e-mails to your closer friends and family, whether or not they've donated, as a subtle reminder to donate if they are procrastinating. And a nice way to keep them informed on your training and fundraising progress either way.

For casual acquaintances/strangers, a good slogan might do the trick. My favorite, which I actually found in a 3-Day idea list, is : Save a 'pear,' support breast cancer research. I plastered it all over notecards (which sadly, did not sell well) and thank-you notes. I sold little pear-shaped candles. I even considered selling real pears (which was the 3-Day suggestion).

How else can you use it? Maybe make little magnets or business cards with the slogan and include your fundraising page URL as a reminder for people who are considering donating.

What's your favorite breast cancer slogan?
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2 Responses
  1. Suzanne Engle Says:

    Big or Small We Save Them All!

  2. Shannon Says:

    'Save a Life...Grope Your Wife'. It was on a poster during the 3 day Walk with a woman's upper body and handprints on her boobies!