... Saturday while I was shopping. I've watched What Not to Wear enough that, yes, I know what they'd say. They said I'm a GIRL and should wear a dress every now and then. You know, sometime when either someone I know or I, myself, am not getting married. And then, they said necklaces are the best accessories and I should add some to my almost exclusively bracelet-and-earring jewelry collection.

(new necklace)

And what Stacy and Clinton said, I did. And OH THERE'S ANOTHER CHARGE CARD, did those Ann Taylor Outlet sales ladies see me coming. But I got some cute, professional clothing (plus two dresses - one of which is definitely casual Friday attire) at a good deal. I have a handful of skirts that go into the rotation in the summer, but dresses are a bit more feminine, right? And I love me some low-rise, wide-leg trousers. Now, I just need to lose about five pounds so I can wear them. ;)

(Yes, I did think about what Stacy and Clinton would say to that. And then, I bought the smaller size anyway. When you're between sizes, choices have to be made.)

So, the last time I wore a dress was at wedding in December. And this isn't too casual to wear to the courthouse on a Friday, is it?

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