I gave myself a two-week break from trying to live healthily/lose weight. There was stuffed-crust pizza, a shameful number of trips through Taco Bell's drive-thru, LOTS of McDonald's iced coffee, and various other transgressions I can't really remember now. I kinda wish I had thought to get another Shamrock shake while I was at it.

On top of bad eating, I didn't exercise. I half-sprained my ankle and soon abandoned my half-hearted intention to do non-ankle-related exercises (you know, things involving crunches and hand weights and punching the air.) It didn't happen.

Why did I do this? Well, I suspected I was plateauing, and I was sick of trying. And trying. And TRYING. Because really, how can someone write down everything they eat in a day, affirm that no more than 1,200 calories have been consumed that day, hit the gym for an hour -- and still weigh the same? I'm sure there's an explanation somewhere, but I just decided to take a mini-diet vacation and tackle the whole thing again in two weeks.

That two-week date was yesterday. Which probably doesn't count as Day One of being "good," since breakfast consisted of - yes - McDonald's iced vanilla coffee and a Volcano Burrito left over from Friday night's Taco Bell run. On the upside, I ate like a pig and ignored exercise for two weeks and only gained four pounds.  

(You also may remember me claiming I was climbing back on the bandwagon after a particularly bad day last Saturday. That didn't happen. This will.)

So, Jillian Michaels is waiting for me when I get home from Panera. And, I limited myself to a 550-calorie Asiago cheese bagel with low-fat cream cheese at Panera (the best place ever, besides my bed, to type away on my laptop) and caffeine-free Diet Pepsi. Earlier, I had vegetarian chili. And a pot of coffee. Later, I might have a salad. 

Cheers to healthy weight loss.
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  1. Shannon Says:

    Good luck with getting back on the bandwagon. I have a major love affair with food. I too struggle with my weight and have 'great' ideas about getting rid of the extra weight once and for all.

    Just take it one meal at a time...the small steps will add up to great results! Even if you have one bad thing/meal, it doesn't have to ruin the entire day for you.

    Best Wishes!