Yes, that was me you saw drinking coffee at the gym yesterday.

At 6 a.m.

It was that, or get up even earlier so the coffee could digest and flow through my veins BEFORE I left the house. And trust me, I appreciated that 10 minutes more of sleep I got a lot more than I would have appreciated proper hydration.

I am on this kick of trying to work out in the morning to boost my metabolism throughout the day, but by Day 2 of this kick, I needed chemical help. Day 3, I just slept right through my alarm. Tomorrow, I am off work and volunteering at the homeless shelter, so plenty of coffee will be consumed before I even think about working out.

As for Friday (Day 4), maybe by then I can settle for grogginess and a few (more appropriate) glasses of water. Progress is all about baby steps, right? :)
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