So, I'm starting a new series on Chai Latte Please that will feature a specific fundraising tip or piece of advice each Friday. I know what you're thinking - the 3-Day site offers a million (er, at least 101) ideas, and other online ambassadors have already posted about this. Why are you wasting space on the Interweb with such talk?

Because the more we all talk about it and the more we exchange ideas, the more likely a certain idea is to spark inspiration. And the less intimidating the whole thing will be.

So, each Friday (until it doesn't seem fun anymore), I'll post a new idea and offer a giveaway for those who follow the blog, re-tweet the fundraising post or offer their own idea in the comments section. This week's giveaway is a little pink picture frame with a pink ribbon on it. Perfect for work desk or other small area.

- Leave one (and only one) comment here or on the next post about your favorite fundraising tip.
- If you tweet about this post go ahead and enter again in the comments section here. 

Example: 3-dayer @jillianduch touts the power of a good slogan. http://bit.ly/9SeSgL

- If you post about this give-away/fundraising tip on your blog, do the same and enter again in the comments section here.
- The giveaway will be open until next Friday. Then, I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner and post another giveaway. Make sure to leave an e-mail address or some other way for me to get ahold of you if you win. 
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3 Responses
  1. Shannon Says:

    One fundraiser that my team does is canning...walking around with decorated cans at high participant events and asking for donations (examples - NASCAR, tailgating at Dallas Cowboy games, Jimmy Buffet concert, etc.). I was unable to do NASCAR last year but my team raised $3,000 in just a few short hours.

  2. Beckyksu Says:

    We sold Partylite candles and got 50% of the sales!

  3. beckyksu Says:

    We sold Partylite candles & received 50% back of the sales as our first fundraiser~!