Everyone needs socks, right? And if you're walking tons and tons of miles, you don't just need any ole socks. Some people swear by super thin socks, but I've gotten hooked on Thorlos thick socks. Last year in D.C, I started out with their thicker walking socks each morning and switched to a thinner (although still well padded) sock after lunch. Everyone should try a few different types of socks out to see what works for them and their feet.

The bad news is: These socks aren't cheap (which even BlackJack can tell, as he seems extra-excited when he manages to steal one.) The good news is: Thorlos offers a fundraiser in which $7 of the $15 per sock cost goes toward your fundraising goal. You simply collect orders among your team/friends, pay $8 per sock, distribute the order when it comes in, and donate the $7 per sock to your fundraising goal yourself.

The minimum order is 12 pairs. I did this last year, because after a few Internet searches, I figured I couldn't find another source for these socks for that much less than $15 a pair, and it was easier to pay that much for a good sock if part of the proceeds were helping my own fundraising goal. Of course, some of your neighbors and friends might want to purchase a few pairs themselves if they are active :)

You can download a flier and order form here. (You have no idea how excited I am that I stumbled across AND figured out how to use this digital dropbox. I feel almost like a computer nerd :))

Anyway, if you have any further questions, e-mail me at jillianduch at hotmail dot com and I'll pass on the contact info for the Thorlos employee who helped me. I didn't want to broadcast her info across the Interweb, but I'll certainly share it in a more private manner. Good luck!

Next week on Friday FundRAISER: A Bubbles for Boobies party that dished up some fun-shaped cookies ;)
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