I was a woman on a mission last month.

I WANTED to win JessLC's Giveaway Giveaway. Basically, she encourages people to exfoliate (IE, get rid of) one item a week that they no longer need or use. Some people post a picture of the item on her blog for others to claim and others just submit pics of the stuff they tossed or donated on their own.

I had a lot of extra stuff. I also had a lot of extra closet space since becoming single two and 1/2 years ago, so it didn't seem like a problem. And then some stuff needed to be rearranged when I acquired another roommate. And then it occurred to me that SOMEDAY I'll move. And I got a little scared.

So, I cleared out a bunch of clothing in the name of making room for new, cuter clothes. Easy enough. Then, I went through the outer shelves in my main closet and hallway closet, tossing stuff I haven't touched in a year or so. Also painless.

There's a charity thrift shop around the corner from the church where I drop off laundry for a homeless shelter every Wednesday. So I try to have a bag ready to take to them every Wednesday. And garbage day is Monday -- this week the bin was pretty full. I still probably need to clear some more things out, but it's nice to make it a weekly/regular habit rather than forcing a major cleaning on yourself.

And all that photography of things I'm tossing paid off -- I won Jess's Giveaway Giveaway for February. Which means I went on a little shopping spree at JessLC and got $40 off. Here were my selections:

Madison Ave. Crystal And Link Earrings

Astor St. Double Bead and Link Earrings

State St. Medium Eye Earrings

Aren't they cute? And don't worry, I tossed out quite a few cheap and not-cute earrings this weekend, so there will be space in my jewelry box when these get here. And this is the stuff I'll be carting off to the thrift store today:

Stop back here on Friday. I'll kick off a series of "Think Pink" giveaways of some of the cute, breast-cancer related stuff I accumulated over the years but don't use. It's much better that you use it than allowing me to let it sit in my closet for another year or two :)
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  1. Jess LC Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Giveaway Giveaway prize! I hope you love your earrings, we are making them and shipping them today :).