My new roommate is clearly the best thing in BlackJack's life. When he's in his room (where BlackJack, the stealer of socks and eater of any human food, is not allowed), BlackJack lays outside the door with inhuman patience. He has, once or twice when that inhuman patience ran dry, scratched on the door.

He doesn't feel that way about me.

The second he hears my car pull in the garage, he digs at the inside of his crate, demanding to be let out. He rubs his little, curly body all over my freshly washed sheets, as if it is HIS bed, and not mine. And when he's chewing on a bone, he glares suspiciously at me and growls, as if he thinks I'd steal it from him. I swear, that little moptop has never seen me knawing on a bone or eating a dog treat but the suspicions persist.

The other day, I was reading in bed when he ran into the room, hopped on the bed, and nipped me. He wagged his little tail, barked and ran out of the room. He repeated the whole procedure when I didn't immediately follow. LIKE DOGS DO TO OTHER DOGS. Then, he went after my books. ALSO LIKE DOGS TRY TO STEAL OTHER DOGS' TOYS TO BADGER THEM INTO PLAYING. So I played with the little guy, but really.

What did I do to make him treat me like a dog!?! ;)

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